What is Omise and what does it mean for E-commerce business?

Hello readers who come to read everyone. Articles in the category of the meaning of the word have arrived on the subject of the word Omise (Omise) together before saying that It’s about online shopping, trading through the internet. Which is convenient for e-commerce businesses, e-commerce can be done through the whole system Operating system Android, Android and iOS operating system, iOS. Now let’s get to the article.

Nowadays, online shopping has become easy. As people want more convenience, online shopping is another option for modern people. With startups It is difficult to sell products by connecting our website to that bank’s system. Due to many restrictions, for example, must be a juristic person with a registered capital of at least 2 million baht and a deposit and a guarantee above 200,000 baht, etc. Therefore, the seller chooses to find a channel with less restrictions. It is convenient for buyers and sellers by using Payment Gateway, it is important to choose the right one for the business and target groups such as PaysBuy, ChaiyoPay, Omise, Paypal with different restrictions such as fees as follows.
Omise is 3.65% + Vat 7%.
Paypal 4.4% + $ 0.30 USD per sale or below depending on account type.

  • If the withdrawal amount is less than 5,000 baht there is a 50 baht withdrawal fee, if more than 5,000 there is no fee.
    Or business hours
    Omise 1 working day, Paypal 5 working days.
    Many limitations make choosing to bring the service very important. As speedy convenience as possible, Omise is an attractive choice.

Payment and money management system
Omise is a payment and money management system with complete control. Since designing the payment page Security Until transferring money out of the system Currently, payment for purchases of goods or services on the Internet. We can pay in a variety of ways, such as money transfer, bill payment, internet banking. Credit card or debit card It can be done on Omise, which is convenient for E-commerce businesses by Omise itself will have an automated system that does not require manual work. Routine work for the system to do instead, choose to connect our API to the business operation system. Monotonous work High accuracy jobs The system can be preset. And manage everything automatically Reducing the chance of making mistakes And is also developer friendly Easy to connect Take a little time
Customize the entire payment experience with an SDK that supports multiple programming languages. On servers, browsers, iOS and Android to help shorten the development time And ensures that sensitive information is always protected.

The key things to fill out in Omise are
1.16 digit card number

  1. Cardholder name
  2. Month and year expiration
  3. CVV code In summary, Omise is Payment Gateways that are open for general service. But there is also a limitation – some businesses are not supported. Because it is in the scope that can not provide service Illegal There is a high chance of fraud. There is a chance of rejection from cardholders such as pawnbrokers, fortune tellers, unregistered charities, etc. We will have great articles for you to learn more about this kind of system such as Social Commerce. (Social E-Commerce) is a social sales network, online commerce, CRM system (CRM), a new marketing direction in the era of e-Commerce, e-commerce and finally, the process of making a website for this particular business